Sygnal Portal

Gain remote access to your entire fleet

Captive Portal

Add custom captive portals to build brand consistency and improve the user experience. Sygnal’s Captive Portal editor allows you to customise your landing pages with logos, images and links to your website.

Custom branded landing pages with Sygnal Portal


View and save dashcam and CCTV footage from your Sygnal servers through the secure 4G WiFi connection. Use the Sygnal Portal to download footage directly to a device in the event of an accident or in-vehicle incident.

CCTV on bus and coach hire

Fleet Management

Track vehicles and maintain total visibility of your fleet with precise GPS information. Sygnal’s fleet management software gives you the power to monitor the progress of vehicles and improve journey times.

Fleet tracking software from Sygnal

Engine tracking

Monitor vehicle performance and identify key bottlenecks in journeys with Sygnal’s Engine Tracking software. Identify where vehicles have idled to optimise journeys and reduce fuel consumption.

Engine tracking through the Sygnal Portal


Designate Sygnal Servers to specific vehicles with the Assign feature. Effectively identify and update specific Servers when moving Servers between vehicles.

Buses using Sygnal fleet management with vehicle tracking


Upload, manage and promote ads from local businesses through the ad-management system. Develop partnerships with companies and use passenger analytics to leverage repeat business.

Using Sygnal Portal for ad management


Measure engagement and enhance the passenger experience with Sygnal Analytics. Monitor data usage, unique users and website interactions quickly and easily through one simple platform.

Fleet tracking analytics from the Sygnal Portal

Complete control over all of your Sygnal services

Access all of your onboard technologies through one simple, intuitive system.

Monitor WiFi usage and vehicle performance with detailed analytics.

Enhance the passenger experience from anywhere at the click of a button.


Your Sygnal

Create your own custom Sygnal package with services tailored to your unique business needs

Technical support, always available

Our team is always on hand to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our global support network for round-the-clock assistance. Alternatively, check out our FAQs page for answers to many common queries.
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