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Woman using smart bus stop to call CAV

What does the growth in CAVs mean for the future of mass transport?

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How things change. Just a decade ago, the majority of people wouldn’t even know what a ‘Connected vehicle’ was. The past few years, however, have seen several transport technologies shift…

Could demand-responsive bus services save passenger transport?

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Cities across the world are facing a quandary. The very nature of travel has undergone a massive rethink in recent years, but urban infrastructure has not. As a result, public…
Two coaches on coach tour holiday driving along empty road

The biggest travel trends of 2019 for the coach tour industry

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As we near the end of the decade, travel is shifting to offer a more personalised experience. Fuelled by the rise of social media and a new appreciation for unique…
Using onboard analytics to improve services in coach hire

Onboard analytics: The secret to enhancing your transport services

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As industry leaders call for mobile phone location data to be used to plan out new bus and rail routes, we look at why it’s not just governmental transport bodies…
Women using secure public WiFi on a bus

Cost or connection? Modern bus passengers shouldn’t have to choose

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At the risk of stating the obvious, we live quite the connected existence in 2018. These days, connectivity is deemed as essential an amenity as electricity, running water and gluten-free…
Retrofitting your public transport

Making public transport ‘smarter’ through retrofitting

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The modern road vehicle, be it a car, motorbike, lorry or bus, is a vastly different animal to one even just twenty years ago. As advances in transport technology gain…
Using Hong Kong Octopus card for multimodal transport

Where does coach travel fit in to the multimodal transport model?

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Although still in its infancy, multimodal transport ticketing - the integration of multiple modes of transport into one centralised platform - is already finding purchase in the UK transport market.…
Traffic at night long exposure on a smart road

What does smart road technology mean for the future of transport?

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The past decade has seen a huge number of advances in vehicle technology, while technologies for our roads have taken somewhat of a backseat. Congestion in London alone costs £4bn…
Public transport vs. ride-sharing in London

How can public transport survive in the ride-sharing generation?

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After a recent study found ride-hailing apps are leading to increased in congestion in our cities, public transport networks have begun to examine how to get passengers back onboard. The…
Smartphone in travel

How has the smartphone changed the way we travel?

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The advent of the smartphone has given the world any number of new innovations. Constant connectivity, new networking opportunities and endless avenues of distraction - the smartphone has changed almost…
Passengers sat on public transport

What kind of passenger are you?

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Travelling can be a stressful experience - doubly so when you’re sharing your transport with multiple strangers. Over time, cultures develop their own form of travel etiquette. Sadly, not everyone…
Increasing accessibility on transport through staff awareness

How can we do more to support accessibility on transport?

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With travel technology rapidly changing the way we get around, it’s never been easier to get around than right now. The growth of the smartphone, ubiquitous connectivity and endless access…
A passport and camera laid across a map

Travel optimisation: The secret to making the most of a short-stay trip

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Travel is great. Even if the journey is tiring or stressful, knowing there’s a world to explore on the other side makes it all worthwhile. But what about when the…
Looking down bus aisle in need of new transport technology

5 technologies to revitalise your coach hire service

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The commercial coach hire industry has weathered its fair share of obstacles in the past 50 years, including increasing costs, fluctuating demand and increasingly stringent safety and security regulations. But…
Using your smartphone on a bus with onboard streaming server

5 mistakes coach hire must avoid in replacement services

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Delays and cancellations are a fact of life. For those in the transport industry, however, disruptions can mean stranded passengers, negative reviews and even a damaged brand image. The only…
Using big data in aviation to increase efficiency

How is big data in aviation transforming the industry?

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What does the introduction of analytics mean for the future of air travel? Despite the recent growth in homegrown holidays, air travel is still big business in 2017. As more…
Exploring a country by rail

5 reasons to explore a new country by rail

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As short haul flights get cheaper and countries become more urbanised, you could be forgiven for thinking that the once great train journey is a relic of a bygone era.…
Seatback screens

What happened to social seating on airlines?

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Because the current seating system for planes, trains and seat-allocated bus journeys entails a largely randomised selection process, you always run the risk of sitting next to someone who will…
Man optimising journey looking down aisle of plane

How optimising your travel time makes long journeys worthwhile

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OK, so let’s be honest. Nobody really enjoys travelling more than they enjoy reaching their destination. The rigmarole of packing, checking (and most likely double and even triple-checking) your travel…
Seatback screens

Is it time to say goodbye to seatback screens on airlines?

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2017 marks a pivotal moment in travel. Not only is the smartphone now the number one travelling companion, but this year also marks the beginning of the end for a staple…
Using your mobile device to book flights

Is in-flight WiFi really the next frontier in air travel?

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The world is changing. For one, we now see an internet connection as a basic human right. Despite being a relatively new technology, mobile connectivity has developed hugely in the past two…
Using your smartphone while flying

Can an official airline app really increase flight bookings?

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The smartphone is changing the way we travel, but what does it mean for the airlines? New commercial technology can be both magnificent and terrible. At its best, new technology…

10 handy travel hacks for the business traveller

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Travelling on business can be a stressful experience. You’re not going to soak up the sun or sample the local delicacies, you’re there to land a client, attend a conference…
Woman using virtual reality headset on blue sky

Is VR technology really going to revolutionise the travel industry?

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It may sound like a redundant statement, but technology is changing every aspect of how we live our lives. That's doesn't just mean in the way smartphones have become an extension…
Data on a computer screen used in transport Technology

The transport tech that will revolutionise the next generation of travel

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Technology and, by extension, the mechanics behind travel, are perpetually evolving, but the rate of new developments can be hard to keep up with. The growth in mobile computing, GPS and…