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Using passenger WiFi on demand-responsive bus services

Fleet management made easy with the Sygnal Portal

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At the risk of stating the obvious, the bus and coach industry is undergoing a period of rapid change. The growth in onboard technologies, coupled with new vehicle emission standards,…
Running coach travel for sports events

Coach travel for sports events: The ultimate guide for coach hire firms

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Running coach travel for sports events is a great source of revenue, but it can be a lot more challenging than you think. Not only are you transporting large groups…
Man using bus WiFi on coach journey

Keep it simple: The secret to reliable onboard WiFi

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Onboard WiFi doesn’t need to be complicated, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Operators looking to install passenger WiFi on their vehicles are confronted with a myriad of…
Woman using motorhome WiFi outside

Motorhome WiFi: A guide to retrofitting your campervans

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To say transport has changed dramatically in the past decade would be an understatement. Onboard innovations like GPS, analytics, IoT and onboard WiFi (coupled with the ubiquity of the smartphone)…
Couple chatting enjoying the onboard technologies

Festival coach hire: The ultimate guide for operators

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It’s springtime and that means the festival season will soon be upon us. Whether you’ve offered festival coach hire for years or you’re just starting out, it’s important to stay…
Woman smiling using in taxi WiFi

5 reasons in-taxi WiFi is essential for modern taxi firms

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As every taxi firm knows, new technologies promising to ‘revolutionise the journey’ are ten to a penny these days. However, that’s not to say there aren’t valuable technologies out there.…
Providing festival coach hire

Finding the right onboard technologies for your coach fleet

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For any coach operator, identifying the right onboard technologies requires time and a careful appraisal of your requirements. That’s why operators tend to opt for an eclectic mix of solutions,…
Using dashcams for coaches to monitor driver habits

Dashcams for coaches: The future of commercial transport

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Commercial transport technology is changing at a rapid pace. Wireless charging roads, autonomous coaches on our streets and flying taxis above us; these developments are now within our reach. But…
In-journey information screen as part of a centralised onboard technologies package

The power of centralised onboard technologies

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These days, almost every transport network has some kind of onboard technology. Be it onboard WiFi, CCTV, dashcams or GPS. But the steady evolution of new innovations has led operators…
Retrofitting your public transport

5 ways onboard WiFi increases brand loyalty

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Onboard WiFi is a near-ubiquitous amenity for transport networks today. Passengers expect connection as a standard feature on their journey, and companies that are unable or unwilling to provide it…
Increasing accessibility for passengers on transport

A guide to increasing accessibility on your coach service

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The past few years have seen some major improvements in accessibility on transport. The Equality Act guarantees that transport providers will make reasonable adjustments for disabled passengers, while a 2017…
Creating your own onboard transport technology package

Domestic tourism is on the rise: How can coach tour companies capitalise?

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According to recent World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) figures, UK travel and tourism grew at four times the rate of the country’s economy in 2017. Likewise, small businesses catering…
Passengers on their smartphones

A guide to protecting passenger data using onboard WiFi

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware that data laws in Europe are changing with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The past few years have…
Optimising your coach hire website to increase bookings

Streamlining booking through your coach hire website

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Your coach hire website is often the first port of call for new customers. It’s essential you make a powerful first impression and, above all, make the booking process as…
Using your mobile smartphone device on public transport

Integrating mobile ticketing on your transport service

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Mobile tickets, otherwise known as mTickets, are fast becoming a popular onboard technology for transport networks. But what are the benefits of switching to mobile ticketing, and can they be…
Using onboard WiFi to improve accessibility on transport

Increasing your bottom line through passenger WiFi

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Aside from providing additional value to your coach hire company, onboard WiFi provides a direct line to your passengers through their personal devices. This connection comes with its own obligations,…
Man using his smartphone on a coach hire service

Using your bus WiFi abroad: The smart guide

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As a coach operator, it’s important to ensure passengers can always access their favourite sites. This often leads to questions from customers about what happens when their vehicles leave the…
Retrofitting your public transport

Using passenger WiFi in your international coach tours

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If you run a tour company in the UK, you’ve probably grappled with the question of how best to accommodate overseas visitors. It’s a tricky task. Tour guides must be ready…
Using onboard wifi & GPS to navigate traffic

How can onboard WiFi assist in traffic navigation?

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One of the biggest challenges facing mass transit today is effective route management. Traffic navigation is subject to so many influences, it might seem impossible to accurately predict how best…
Using technology to improve accessibility on transport

Improving accessibility on transport with onboard WiFi

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The past decade has seen a monumental shift in attitudes to accessibility in transport. After the launch of the Equality Act 2010, which stated that transport must be accessible to…
Low angle shot down bus aisle featuring smart technology

5 ways coach companies can increase fleet security

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Running your own commercial transport fleet can be a stressful experience. Whether it’s a local bus service or an international airline, some features of travel are essential to ensure happy…