Onboard WiFi

Give your passengers the power to shape their own travel experience

Total access all the time

Enjoy unlimited, lightning-fast connection with Sygnal’s onboard WiFi

Always entertained

Connect to access a huge library of the latest content directly from your own device

Save on data

Conserve personal data with unlimited onboard WiFi and content stored on the Sygnal library

How do you use Sygnal?

Gain access to Sygnal through your own device. Simply:
  1. Open up your device
  2. Access the WiFi network
  3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  4. Enjoy access to lightning fast onboard WiFi
Now you have unlimited access to rapid WiFi and the latest content from around the world. There’s no sign-up procedure, no hidden fees and no frustrating terms and conditions; it really is that easy.
Using onboard WiFi to improve accessibility on transport