Motorhome WiFi

Connect campers with powerful 4G-data motorhome WiFi

Connection everywhere

Fast, reliable WiFi at the touch of a button

Onboard entertainment

Enjoy movies, music and TV with Sygnal Streaming

Total visibility

Track your fleet and locate late returns with Sygnal GPS

Campervan with motorhome WiFi fitted

Cost-effective campervan solutions

Simple installation

Just plug the unit in and go!

Multiple users

Support for up to 20 devices at once

Secure browsing

Access rapid, secure 4G motorhome WiFi

WiFi made simple

Sygnal’s robust design and simple install process were specifically developed to limit time spent fitting and maintaining units. Simply plug in the unit and go


Access new revenue streams

Promote local businesses through your Sygnal WiFi to gain additional revenue

How do you use motorhome WiFi?

To access Sygnal WiFi through your personal device:
  1. Open up your device
  2. Access the WiFi network
  3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  4. Enjoy access to robust, rapid campervan WiFi
Now you have access to powerful onboard WiFi. Browse your socials, catch up on work or check out the latest news at the click of a button.
Woman using motorhome WiFi outside

Want to know more?

Get in touch with Sygnal to find out about custom packages and add-ons.