Frequently Asked Questions

While all of our onboard technologies are designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, we understand you may still have some queries. That’s why we’ve put together this list of most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that we don’t cover here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.


Q. How do I install my Sygnal Server?

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A. The Sygnal Server requires minimal installation and is so compact it fits easily into most vehicles. Just connect it to a 12-24V DC/100-240V AC power supply, turn it on and go! Alternatively, our team of Sygnal engineers can install your Sygnal Server to be powered through your onboard vehicle harness.

Q. Can our own engineer(s) install the Sygnal Server?

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A. Yes. Installation of the Sygnal Server is designed to be as simple as possible. Our team of engineers are on hand to provide expert installation, however, should you require it.

Q. How do I connect the Sygnal Server to the onboard WiFi?

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A. Connection is quick and simple. Just turn on your Sygnal Server and wait for approx 60 seconds.

Q. Will the Sygnal Server deplete my vehicle battery if left on overnight?

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A. No. The Sygnal Server is designed to switch off with the ignition of your vehicle. When you first start up your vehicle, the Sygnal Server will automatically switch on too. Please allow up to 60 seconds for the Server to fully start up.


Q. How do passengers connect to the Sygnal Server?

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A. It’s simple! After boarding the vehicle, open up your device, access the official passenger WiFi and open a browser on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The Sygnal captive portal will automatically open. All you need to do is agree to the terms and conditions, and from there you can enjoy access to unlimited super-fast onboard WiFi.

Q. Are there any restrictions in what passengers can browse online?

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A. To ensure seamless connectivity for everyone onboard, Sygnal limits access to sites with high-levels of video-streaming content. Content deemed unsuitable for a public network may also be restricted.

Q. Why can’t I access sites, despite being connected to the onboard WiFi?

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A. Sygnal onboard WiFi relies on connecting to different data points throughout a journey. This means the quality of signal will vary at different times depending on the vehicle’s location. As soon as the server can access a data connection again, you’ll be connected automatically.

Q. Will the internet become slower if too many people use it at once?

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A. There may be several reasons for a slowing in bandwidth. Sygnal and the accompanying passenger WiFi are designed to cater to up to 60 passengers. Even if all 60 passengers access the internet simultaneously, this shouldn’t affect bandwidth too much.


Q. There is no content on my Sygnal Server. Where can I find the content?

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A. TV, music and movies are provided by a third-party content provider. Whilst Sygnal does not provide any content itself, we are happy to recommend the top content providers for your Sygnal Server.

Q. Can I upload my own content to play through the passenger entertainment system?

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A. Yes. You can upload content to play directly to passengers through the passenger entertainment system. You can upload any content – video, audio or images, through the Sygnal Portal. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct permissions to upload and play content.

Sygnal Portal

Q. How do I upload content to the Sygnal Portal?

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A. The Sygnal Server has a Solid State Drive to store your own content. To upload content to your Sygnal System, you must first connect the Sygnal Server to an external device. From there, you can add video, music and audio content as if it were any other storage device. The content can be uploaded to the onboard server via a web interface. You can also request a training session to update your team on how to upload, manage and configure new content.

Q. Can I make my own landing portal?

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A. Yes. Your landing page is the first page your passengers see when they access the Sygnal onboard WiFi to connect to the internet. This portal is always available whether or not there is a 4G signal. Stored locally on the Sygnal Server, your landing portal can be branded and set up to redirect passengers through to a URL of your choice, such as your website, when they connect to the WiFi.

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Q. Why do I have to connect to the WiFi to get content?

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A. Yes. Connecting to the onboard WiFi connects you to the Sygnal system where all movies, music and TV shows are stored.

Q. Are there any age restrictions on content?

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A. Yes. Sygnal comes with a request to confirm your age on any programs and/or websites deemed inappropriate for younger audiences.

Q. Will Sygnal use up the data on my phone?

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A. No. Sygnal WiFi saves passengers from using their own internet data. Our onboard WiFi works like a router in your home. Passengers simply access the sign-in portal and hey presto! Free, unlimited WiFi from departure to destination.

Q. Can I watch Sygnal programs through devices other than my smartphone?

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A. Yes. You can also use your laptop or tablet to access Sygnal. Some transport vehicles with seatback screens may also provide access to Sygnal.


Q. How do I give feedback?

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A. You can provide feedback through a number of channels. Click here to visit our Contact page or, if you want to reach a specific Sygnal team member and know their name, you can reach them using the following format: [email protected]

Q. I want to integrate additional technologies into my Sygnal package. How do I do this?

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A.  Just get in touch with one of our Sygnal Support team and we will be happy to discuss any new transport technologies and how best to integrate them into your current Sygnal System.

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