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Using your bus WiFi abroad: The smart guide

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As a coach operator, it’s important to ensure passengers can always access their favourite sites. This often leads to questions from customers about what happens when their vehicles leave the UK. Using onboard WiFi overseas can present its own unique set of challenges, but for every issue, there are a number of solutions.

Thankfully, Sygnal provides rapid, unlimited WiFi anywhere in the EU, at no extra cost to the coach operator or their passengers. For the privacy and security of Sygnal users, all internet traffic is routed through UK servers. This means all data provided by the Sygnal server, even when received through different providers across the EU, will be subject to UK regulations.

Even if your coach is scheduled to cross international borders (for instance, between the Alpine regions of France, Germany, Italy, etc.) there should be no loss of network coverage as the Sygnal Server switches between different network providers. Any disruption would be most likely attributable to the coach passing through an area of poor coverage, rather than to the transition between different countries. If a server does experience any issues, Sygnal servers will maintain a cache of popular sites to ensure accessibility.

Using bus wifi abroad to improve accessibility on transport

Even with international network compatibility, however, it’s important to know the different website restrictions in each country before providing passengers with bus WiFi abroad.

To prevent bandwidth throttling, Sygnal servers restrict access to video streaming sites. These are often the sites where content can be restricted, so any restrictions placed upon video content by specific countries should have minimal impact on the passenger’s browsing experience.

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