About us

Who we are

Our history

Founded in 2017 by a small team of engineers, designers and programmers, Sygnal was created to provide powerful onboard WiFi to independent bus and coach companies. Research showed there was an entire section of the market unable to afford onboard WiFi from established providers thanks to exorbitant up-front costs and costly monthly payments. Through intensive R&D and a network of business relationships, we positioned Sygnal as a cost-effective, innovative alternative to the big brands, and changed the passenger WiFi industry forever.
Simultaneously, we knew that Sygnal's technology had to offer not only affordable WiFi at industry-leading speeds but also additional integrations for media content streaming, CCTV, mobile ticketing and more.
Now entering a new phase of its evolution, Sygnal is looking forward to bringing their innovative transport technologies to a new generation of passengers. With a range of new technological developments on the horizon, Sygnal is poised to add a new level of connectivity to the global transport industry.

Our vision

With a range of innovative onboard technologies, Sygnal strives to add new levels of cost-effective connectivity and efficiency to the global transport industry.
Sygnal was founded on the belief that no one should have to ‘endure’ a journey. Sygnal believes that reaching a destination shouldn’t require hours of downtime. Sygnal provides the tools to enable passengers to make their own journey. Simultaneously, Sygnal believes technology holds the key to making journeys safer, more efficient and more enjoyable for everyone.
That’s our Sygnal vision: a world of connections, uninhibited by distance or accessibility; a world where the journey means as much as the destination.

Our future

The long-term evolution of connected technologies will bring us to a point where no location is without connectivity. With Sygnal's help, we're moving to a future where public access to a wireless media connection is simple, ubiquitous and, above all, secure.
On the train bound for an important business meeting? Sygnal gives you the connectivity to keep working right until you pull into the station.
Hiring a coach with friends for your dream holiday? Sygnal gives you access to the latest movies, music and TV shows, direct to your personal device, meaning the holiday starts as soon as you board.
So why wait for the future? Embrace the connected age and get in touch today to find out what Sygnal can do for your transport network.